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  • Employee Benefits

    You've increased deductibles and asked the employees to share more of the burden, but costs keep climbing. Let us help you move past cost sharing and help you redesign the way you provide benefits to your employees.

  • Life & Health Insurance

    We offer health plans to fit every budget and lifestyle Whether you’re a recent graduate, self-employed, retiring early, or working without health coverage, one of our plans could be just right for you.

  • Risk Management

    We are fanatical about providing an experience that goes beyond transactions. Every day we work to do more because we believe that risk management without enthusiasm, innovation and accountability is just buying insurance.

  • Farm & Ranch

    Farms today are more sophisticated than ever. Science, technology and hard work has allowed the American Farmer to be more productive today than at any other point in history. We can help you identify the risks that emerge from these exciting changes in agriculture and develop a plan to deal with them.

  • Trucking

    Accidents; increases in fuel prices and shortages of fuel; difficulty in recruiting and retaining drivers; regulation changes or violations of existing or future regulations; emission standards; sleep apnea; independent versus employee drivers...The transportation world is full of technical and ever changing risk. We can map out a plan to identify your specific risks and keep you on the road to profitability.

  • Livestock

    Managing risk in your livestock operations is no simple task and is ever changing. Threats can come in various forms: biological, environmental, financial and regulatory. We work with the leading agribusiness companies in the country and are ready to assist you with planning for and managing the risk in your livestock operation.

  • Agribusiness

    We’ll help you minimize costs, identify and manage traditional and non-traditional risks, assure quality and protect assets. As your Agribusiness partner, we uncover issues that challenge your profitability, your employees and your customers, and we help you develop effective, lasting solutions.

  • Construction

    Each year, the construction industry becomes more complicated. Contractual requirements and litigation are challenges today’s contractors face with more regularity, making risk management a necessity. Often, contractors need assistance when addressing these challenges. A portion of theses risks can be managed through your liability insurance, but not all. We can help you by implementing a risk management program to address the risks facing your business.