247882We understand the unique challenges that set this industry apart:

  • Dealing with compliance risks driven by CSA and Hours of Service
  • Better managing and improving driver performance
  • Identifying and predicting accidents and high risk profiles
  • Managing driver recruitment and retention with an aging workforce
  • Navigating Healthcare Reform and the rising cost of benefits

These are the issues keeping transportation business owners up at night – not shopping for insurance.

Seem like we are talking about you?

All insurance agencies are happy to take your money to sell you an insurance policy. Many of them will even help tackle the small problems, while ignoring the hard to find issues that are behind the increasing costs of doing business in the transportation industry.

Specialty Risk is different. We don’t play that game. Transportation is an integral part of our specialization in Agribusiness and Construction and we are prepared to be leaders in a smarter conversation about the risks that cost your business money you don’t want to spend.